Component 3 - Exchange and experiences dedicated to the transfer of good practices into EU Structural Funds mainstream programmes

Responsible partner – CESGA

The main aim of this component is to engage all partners in a peer-to-peer exchange and mutual learning process for an effective and feasible transfer and implementation of the RCC model and interrelated practices.

This process consists of 3 main phases:
  • Awareness rising about the RCC model and background - the main aim is to prepare the ground for the effective transfer through a regional context analysis. Such analysis will extend and complete, with reference to the new partner regions, a previous survey conducted under ICHNOS. In the 3 former partner regions the analysis will be merely updated, in order to obtain a comparative picture having the same baseline. The RCC model will be fine-tuned and upgraded for its implementation, with reference to new technological solutions and legislative requirements arisen over the last months. At the end of this stage a joint seminar will be held to provide partners with information and materials on the RCC solutions, methodologies and tools.

  • Exchange and learning - the effective exchange of experience will be achieved by a combination of on-site visits, seminars and regional meetings. Along this phase, the more experienced partners will play a role of mentors, coaching and encouraging their partner colleagues to become confident with the new practices. On-site visits will involve in turn all partners and will be aimed at building capacity, raising awareness and understanding the methodologies and techniques put into practice (i.e. how RCC and OSS play a role in simplifying the administrative procedures; which tools and competences are required by RCC practitioners and the resources devoted).

  • Implementation of the transfer - lessons learnt during in site visits, staff exchanges and seminars would be used to prepare the feasibility study for the implementation of the RCC model. This document and the feedbacks raising from its discussion will be the baseline for the Action Plans which will be finally drafted after a consultation with the deep delegations and key stakeholders.

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